Why Vineyard?

There is no doubt that there are a lot

of churches in Chilliwack. If you are new

to church it can be very overwhelming

and confusing to choose one to belong to.

Have you ever found yourself asking

"why are there so many churches?" 

or "If you all claim to be "Christians" why isn't there just one church?"

Why Vineyard?

 There are many deep theological answers to these questions, 

but one overly simplified analogy is this:

Everyone is looking for a place that feels like home.

Every house has a foundation, walls, and a roof, but 

it is the people, the atmosphere, and the personalized

touches that turn a building into a safe place that you want

to come home to and make a life in.

With churches, "personalized touches" can include style of teaching,

worship, prayer, and what characteristics of God they focus on.  

This variety welcomes in the beauty of a God that created us in

his image, but did not create us to be identical. 


So What Is The Culture of The Vineyard Like?

Trying to explain the culture of a church in just a few paragraphs would leave a lot of holes, and we want to give you a clear understanding about what The Vineyard is. The following recordings are from our sermon series "Why Vineyard?", and we hope that they will help give you a better understanding of who we are and what makes us unique. We will be adding more messages as they come available, but you still may have questions. Free to drop us a line at chilvine@shaw.ca and we will do our best to reply to your email in a timely manner.



Vineyard Vision & Values

Vern Tompke

In this message we will talk about what the core vision mission and values of the Vineyard Church are in Canada, and how the Chilliwack Vineyard fits into that broader picture.

​"Kingdom Softness" pt. 1

Vern Tompke

In this message, we talk about the importance of being a people touched by the love, kindness, and forgiveness of God. This love, kindness, and compassion towards us results in a love response to God and a deep compassion for other needy and broken people, even if their struggles look different than our own.

"Kingdom Softness" pt. 2

              Vern Tompke
In this message, we talk about the power the Father Heart of God has to influence how we see ourselves and how we live our lives.

Kingdom Operating Systems

Vern Tompke
Every culture has an operating system, and the culture of the Kingdom of God is no different. In this message, we will talk about how the operating system of the Kingdom of God helps guide our culture as a church and as individuals.

Vineyard Vision & History

Curious about the vision and history of the Vineyard movement? In this message Ellie Mumford speaks about where we have come from and how it has shaped who we are today.